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Assault charges can have serious implications, even if the allegation seems minor. If you are found guilty, you may have a criminal record that reflects violent acts which can hinder your job and travel opportunities. Even if you are ultimately found not guilty, you may be on restrictive bail conditions until the case is finished, especially if the alleged assault occurred against a partner or child.

It is crucial that you speak to a lawyer right away to discuss your options if you have been charged with any type of assault. I have experience dealing with all types of assault charges; simple assault; assault with a weapon; assault causing bodily harm; and aggravated assault.



Even an unfounded allegation of a sexual offence can have life-changing consequences, especially if a minor or family member is involved. If your work, school, or the general public find out about your charges, you could be in serious trouble in addition to the charges you already face. You need a lawyer who understands and can respond to the immediate consequences of being charged with a sexual offence, such as requesting a publication ban.

Sexual offences are serious and defending them can be very complicated without a lawyer. It is essential to create a defence strategy as early as possible for all sexual offences. Speak to a lawyer immediately if you think you may be under investigation for a sexual offence.

I have experience handling the following sexual offences: sexual assault; voyeurism; child pornography; prostitution; and human trafficking cases.

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Weapons charges are serious, especially if the weapon is used in an offence or the weapon is a firearm. Do not plead guilty to any offence without speaking to a lawyer first, even if police found a weapon which was clearly in your possession. The weapon may be excluded as evidence if there was a violation of your rights. It is important that you speak with a lawyer who has experience dealing with weapons offences.

I have experience handling several weapons cases, from tasers, pepper spray, and batons to knives, handguns, shotguns, assault rifles and ammunition. If you or someone you know is charged with a firearm or other weapons offence, that person could be facing several years in jail. Call a lawyer right away to start working on a defence strategy.

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Regardless of whether you are a first-time offender with a drug possession charge or a long-time drug trafficker, a lawyer can help you avoid a criminal record or jail time.

If you are a drug addict, it is never too late to seek treatment. A lawyer can help get you into Drug Treatment Court or other rehabilitative programs which could help you avoid a criminal record. Sometimes there are also underlying mental health concerns driving the drug use, which a lawyer can help you address.

If you are charged with possession of a drug for the purpose of trafficking, a lawyer can help you convince the prosecutor that the drugs were for personal use only and not trafficking. A lawyer can also help you convince the court that the drugs were not yours or that they should be excluded as evidence because of a violation of your rights.  

I have experience handling drug possession and trafficking cases involving marijuana, methamphetamine, crack, cocaine, fentanyl, oxymorphone, Xanax, and psilocybin. I also understand addiction well and take great pleasure in seeing my clients successfully complete treatment.



Driving offences can have serious financial and other implications. You may lose your job if you are unable to drive or have a criminal record. Even if you are able to drive, you may have to pay high insurance premiums for a long time.

Impaired driving offences can be very complicated. Their defences are usually very technical and hard for most people to understand. It is therefore crucial to speak to a lawyer about the strength of your case before pleading guilty. 

I have experience with impaired driving cases for both drugs and alcohol, dangerous driving cases, and driving while prohibited cases.

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Everyone has the right not to be denied bail without just cause. If you are charged with an offense and you are not released by police, the first step in your case is to try to negotiate your release with the prosecutor. If that fails, then we must have a Bail Hearing to ask the judge to release you until we finalize your case. If the judge does not release you, then you may be able to have a Bail Review Hearing or a Detention Review Hearing in the higher court. 

It is important to secure your release as soon as possible. If you or someone you know is currently in custody while waiting for their case to finish, call a lawyer now to create a strong release plan.

I have experience successfully conducting initial Bail Hearings, Bail Review Hearings, and Detention Review Hearings even where there are multiple serious charges.

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Just because you were found guilty or received a harsh sentence, it does not mean that's the end of it. Like all people, judges make mistakes sometimes. You may be able to appeal the conviction or the sentence imposed. If this is something you are contemplating, it is important that you speak to a lawyer right away before you miss any filing deadlines and lose your opportunity to appeal.

I have experience working on appeals in both the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario and the Ontario Court of Appeal.



Although I mostly represent people accused of crimes, I also represent victims who are involved in the criminal justice system after making a complaint to the police. In a criminal case, the prosecutor is not the victim's lawyer, they are the government's lawyer. It can therefore be very difficult sometimes for victims to get what they need from the criminal justice system.

A criminal defense lawyer can help you if you are trying to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges you initially asked for, change the accused's conditions so he or she can see and speak to you, or urge the prosecutor to accept any other desired outcome.


If you have any criminal charges, get in touch with me now to schedule a free consultation.

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