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About Omar

As an Egyptian male who grew up in the Greater Toronto Area, I have been stopped and questioned by police many times in my teenage years despite having done nothing wrong. I knew at a young age that knowledge and advocacy were the only way to combat injustice.​


I needed to know more about the law and my rights so I could fight for the people who needed it. That is why I completed my B.A. in Criminology at Ryerson University and minored in Psychology to learn more about the criminal justice system and how people think. While in law school, I also clerked at the Ontario Court of Justice and interned at the Department of Justice War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Section in Ottawa to learn how judges and prosecutors think behind closed doors.


I went to law school at the University of Ottawa knowing I wanted to become a criminal defence lawyer because I love fighting for the underdog who is up against the state with its vast resources, especially when the stakes are so high. I want to be your shield, armor and sword to help you win the fight against the the criminal justice system.


Whether you are innocent or guilty, I fight fearlessly and tirelessly to make sure you obtain the benefit of every right you are legally entitled to. I work closely with you to identify your goals and develop a legal strategy and defence to achieve those goals.


After being called to the bar in 2019, I have successfully conducted many trials in both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. I have also conducted appeals at the Ontario Court of Appeal.


Although my practice is mainly in Ottawa and surrounding cities, I take on cases across all of Ontario, including in the Greater Toronto Area where I grew up.

Photo of Omar Abou El Hassan in a navy blue suit with a white dress shirt and a light blue tie.

Lawyer & Founder 

Omar Abou El Hassan

Omar is a criminal defence lawyer and is licensed to practice law by the Law Society of Ontario.

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Law Society of Ontario

I am licensed to practice law in Ontario by the Law Society of Ontario. You can confirm my good standing here.

Criminal Lawyers' Association

I am a member of Ontario's Criminal Lawyers' Association so I can stay up-to-date on provincial criminal law issues. You can view my CLA profile here.

Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa 

I am a member of the Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa so I can stay up-to-date on local criminal law issues. You can view my DCAO profile here.


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