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Even an unfounded allegation of a sexual offence can have life-changing consequences, especially if a minor or family member is involved. If your work, school, or the general public find out about your charges, you could be in serious trouble in addition to the charges you already face. You need a lawyer who understands and can respond to the immediate consequences of being charged with a sexual offence, such as requesting a publication ban.

Sexual offences are serious and defending them can be very complicated without a lawyer. It is essential to create a defence strategy as early as possible for all sexual offences. Speak to a lawyer immediately if you think you may be under investigation for a sexual offence.

I have experience handling the following sexual offences: sexual assault; voyeurism; child pornography; prostitution; and human trafficking cases.

Image by Tim Hüfner

If you have any criminal charges, get in touch with me now to schedule a free consultation.

Sexual Assault: Practices
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