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Everyone has the right not to be denied bail without just cause. If you are charged with an offense and you are not released by police, the first step in your case is to try to negotiate your release with the prosecutor. If that fails, then we must have a Bail Hearing to ask the judge to release you until we finalize your case. If the judge does not release you, then you may be able to have a Bail Review Hearing or a Detention Review Hearing in the higher court. 

It is important to secure your release as soon as possible. If you or someone you know is currently in custody while waiting for their case to finish, call a lawyer now to create a strong release plan.

I have experience successfully conducting initial Bail Hearings, Bail Review Hearings, and Detention Review Hearings even where there are multiple serious charges.

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If you have any criminal charges, get in touch with me now to schedule a free consultation.

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